Enhancing The Banking Profession

IBI Objectives

IBI has adopted the following objectives to enhance knowledge and proficiency of the banking manpower

1) Training and educating specialised workforce for the banks and other financial institutions at various levels

2) Promoting principles of modern banking, with special emphasis on applied banking, so that the graduates can meet the needs of the working environment.

3) Enhancement the quality of education and training by utilizing renowned and experienced teachers and state of the art facilities.

4) Emphasizing the development of the Islamic banking training as the most explicit feature of the banking industry in the country.

5) Designing and running short-term training courses in modern banking.

6) Developing and executing the inter-disciplinary programs for the banking system in the country.

7) Undertaking applied banking research as required by the banking system

8) Motivating the students to further engage in studies and research in their fields

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